Carmen Klassen

Sweet, Smart and Struggling

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Success on Her Terms Book 1

What do a dumpster, a buy and sell site, and a thrift store have in common? For single mom Carrie Bennet, they offer the chance to earn a little bit of money so she’ll never leave a grocery store in tears again.

What she finds along the way goes far beyond her meager expectations. Friendships, unexpected treasure, and a surprise chance to fulfill her dream to become a psychologist are suddenly within reach. It will be hard to do it all while prioritizing her 9-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter. But this is an opportunity that’s too good to ignore, and she’s determined to take full advantage of it.

Sweet, Smart, and Struggling is the story of how an average woman creates value from things other people throw away and transforms her life with hard work, a little creativity, and the help of some good friends.

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