Carmen Klassen

Life Upcycled

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Success On Her Terms Book 3

Single mom Carrie Bennet beat the odds by leaving an abusive marriage, climbing out of poverty, and finishing her undergrad psychology degree. She now has the summer to finish saving up for grad school, using her growing business upcycling old picture frames as art. 

Life should be good. But old and new insecurities keep disrupting her plans. Is there hope for the future when the past has been so painful? And is there ever a point when she'll make enough money to stop worrying about whether she can support herself and her kids? 

When Carrie’s busy life intersects with two very different women who are barely surviving, she begins to see how she can draw on her personal experiences, her education, and her business to make a difference in their lives. It takes a push from one of them for her to begin asking if she really wants to be single for the rest of her life—especially when her gorgeous neighbor is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Life Upcycled is a story about finding where you belong, learning to trust yourself, and taking risksfor a better future. 

This is book #3 in the Success on Her Terms series. Read the books in order or individually—either way you’ll find yourself on a sweet and inspiring journey that’s a perfect escape

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