Carmen Klassen

Growing By Four Feet

Carrie and Jonathan are settling in to life as newlyweds and becoming a family with Carrie’s two children—Matthew (13) and Katie (8).

They’ve both overcome incredible odds to find each other and build their businesses. Through Carrie, Jonathan has moved past his fiancé’s death while with another man.

Carrie saved pennies for years to be able to leave an abusive husband, and then struggled as a broke single mom before building a business that paid for her to achieve her goal of becoming a counseling psychologist.

She never dreamed she’d remarry, but Jonathan’s love towards her and the kids is helping to heal the wounds in her past.

To the outside world, they’re the picture of success and happiness. But Carrie and Jonathan are longing for a bigger family.

It hasn’t been that long since they got married, but Carrie’s finding it unbearable to learn every month that she’s not pregnant.

Confused about what to do next, they start investigating the best way to grow their family. It brings them face-to-face with things they couldn’t have imagined.

Join Carrie and Jonathan as they try to find the children they’re meant to love.

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