Carmen Klassen

A Lifetime of Love

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A Wedding, A Family Crisis, And A Secret Dream

Part 1: Carrie and Jonathan can’t believe how good their life is. They’re both in jobs they love, they have time for each other, and they have the perfect wedding planned.

But a family crisis brings everything to a sudden halt. Once again, Carrie finds herself scrambling to take care of the people she loves most while trying to meet her client’s needs. Only this time she has Jonathan supporting her.

Should they delay their wedding until everyone’s OK? And what if the worst happens? Can either of them handle one more loss in their lives?

Surrounded by their friends, they try to put all their plans aside and make the most of what they have right now.

Part 2: When Lisa realizes she’s fallen in love with single dad and close friend Aaron, she handles it in her usual, direct way. But his answer sends her on an unexpected search for something she can’t define.

She tries to bury herself in caring for her mom, managing her friend Jaz’s clothing business, and keeping an eye on all the tenants in the housing project.

But something’s still missing. Will she find whatever it is she’s longing for? Or does she need to accept her life the way it is? She’s counting on her friend-turned-counselor Carrie to help her make the right choices.

When she decides what to do next, everything changes. Again. And there’s no chance to go back to the way things used to be.

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