Carmen Klassen

Heartwarming Designs

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Success On Her Terms Book 4

Jasmine (Jaz) Lee is the star of her parent’s life. She’s the volleyball team captain, the class valedictorian, and will soon be heading off to university to fulfill her parents dreams and become a surgeon.

There’s just one problem. She’s pregnant. When her parents find out, their reaction leaves Jaz devastated—and homeless. She finds herself on the doorstep of Carrie Bennet, a single mom of two who is completing a masters in counseling. Carrie welcomes Jaz with open arms.

Trapped between her fear of making another mistake and her childhood dream of designing clothes, Jaz must decide whether to do what’s expected of her or create her own path.

Without knowing whether her parents will ever forgive her, Jaz begins to step into her future as an adult and a single mom.

Heartwarming Designs is a story about learning to follow your dreams, even when others don’t approve. Read it on its own, or as part of the Success on Her Terms series. Either way, enjoy this heartwarming story.

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