Carmen Klassen

A Roof Over Their Heads

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Four Different Women, One Shared Dream

Carrie, Lisa, Maria, and Jaz know that friendships can come from unusual places. You don’t need to have a lot in common to create lifelong connections.

But when Jaz comes up with a radical idea for helping vulnerable people, they agree it’s an almost impossible idea… almost.

Carrie’s struggling with a challenging practicum placement and is losing faith in her ability to help people.

Lisa has just quit her job to work from home, and is frustrated with their difficulty in making things happen.

Jaz is loving her business and her life as a new mom, but her parents are still pressuring her to conform to their expectations.

And Maria just wants to make sure all her ‘girls’ are OK before rheumatoid arthritis makes it impossible to do anything on her own.

Is it worth shooting for the stars when daily life has so many challenges? Start reading today to find out!

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