Carmen Klassen

Success on Her Terms

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If you love stories with strong women who live life according to their own rules, you’ll love the Success on Her Terms series. These full-length heart-warming books will take you on an inspiring journey that proves success is whatever you want it to be. Save 50% off the individual cost of the books!

Included in this set are three best-loved titles:

  • Sweet, Smart, and Struggling
  • The Cost of Caring
  • Life Upcycled


Carrie is a single mom of two trying desperately to make ends meet. A piece of furniture left beside the dumpster in her townhouse complex sets her on a path that leads to money, surprises, and a chance at a better life.


Lisa Naylor leaves home the day of her graduation, never planning to return. Alone in a big city she slowly figures out how to survive, and starts out to make her childhood dream come true. But when her abusive father suddenly dies, she’s left with a dilemma that could change everything.


Carrie thinks that grad school is the final step in to a great life. She couldn’t be more wrong. Everything challenges her ability to cope as she tries to pay her bills, raise her kids, and ignore the almost-perfect guy who lives just down the street.

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